Friday, April 14, 2006

Sure beats that ole, Mountain,... any old day!

posted by Susan West - Reeser at 1:30 AM


Anonymous Lisa C. Rossman said...

4/17/06 Update on Mama Mae and babies: Babies will be four weeks old on the 21st. All of them have their eyes open now, and are doing the stagger walk! Mama is doing fine, maybe a bit tired of the babies, she tries to find some mama time when she can to get her nails done and stuff like that, tehe. Three of the five babies and Mama, herself, have homes at this point. The "pick up your puppy party" is scheduled for Sunday, May 14th by invitation only. For updated pics, and adoption information, please visit our website:

Thanks midwife Natalie & the IL Birddog Rescue Team!

3:01 PM 

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